Classification of Sociopaths

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Sociopathy is, as everyone know, a subcategory of antisocial personality disorder. But, subcategories among the sociopaths solely can also be made. As the headline says, I’ll present how sociopaths can be classified. Let me note that this classification is my personal product so don’t take it as scientific facts, but merely an advice to follow for yourself if you ever make out someone is a sociopath, and you just want to know how much damage you can expect.

I’ll present the classification according to aggression, that is, how dangerous is the sociopath you’re dealing with.

The first, and most dangerous, type is a True Sadistic Sociopath.
These are the masters of sociopathic traits. They are perfect liars, completely cold-blooded, zero percent of conscience and the have no boundaries.
They wear perfect masks without a single crack, their every step is planned in detail, and they are the most charming people you’ve ever met. They are successful in every sphere of their life and will make you feel sorry for even sharing the air with them.
They are also potential killers, and will probably say they don’t like animals. And even if they don’t say it, and come in contact with a kitten for instance, you’ll see sharp, dominant moves even if they’re just petting it. These are the sociopaths that most likely spent their childhood torturing and killing small animals. They all “have a thing” for sadistic films and books and will probably gladly admit that they’d like to try torturing a human. These sociopaths are on the very edge of psychopathy mostly because they’re very controlling towards themselves and will rarely snap.

The second type is also quite dangerous, but has a lower degree of practical sadism. This type is a Sadistic-minded Sociopath. Sure, you might say it’s the same thing, but it isn’t really. I too, probably wouldn’t separate these types, but this type is where I belong, and it differs from the first exactly because this type keeps physical sadism out of practice and keeps it in the head.
Their mask is also different (and can be exposed), as they aren’t so strictly organized and have a greater chance to snap due to having the same aggression level as the first type, but aren’t able to control themselves as much.
This type also can be indifferent towards animals. This means they did not necessarily torture animals when they were younger, but they did imagine it, and had temptations to do so.
They can, though, become murderers. These are inclined more towards hurting people, and probably were problematic children. They are expected to also show interest in sadistic things, but will keep it low enough. They would most likely express it in sex games, and through some ordinary habits (For instance, I like biting my friends as a joke), and like holding sharp things that can be used as weapons.
They are prone to making serious threats and certainly wouldn’t miss a chance to get into a fight and go far enough to take out a weapon too if they’re sure they would get away with it.

The third type is a Mental Manipulator. It is the most common type. They wear masks, but their masks last only as long as they serve the purpose. After they get bored, the mask slowly slips off and they become verbally violent, even physically, but these aren’t meant to ever become killers. As far as they go is blackmailing. This third type is exactly why there is a statement that “not all sociopaths are serial killers–” and the first two go for the extension “–but most serial killers are sociopaths.”
This group maybe did torture animals, but they find real joy in hurting humans emotionally only. Of course all of the types do this, but only this type has it as a primary purpose. They can even like animals and keep pets. Because Mental Manipulators find pleasure in breaking hearts not bones, to put it that way.

This is the classification that can accommodate to all sociopaths. Of course, as in any classification, one can be an in-between-type, but you can easily conclude that out of the above facts.

I plan on making something slightly different soon too, and that would be a parallel between male and female sociopaths. I will write this out of personal experience, as I’m a female sociopath and I had a chance of meeting two male sociopaths of which I was in a relationship with one. Differences do exist. But on that some other time.

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